What’s New for October 5, 2024 Cookoff?

The following is What’s New for the LSCC cookoff scheduled for October 5, 2024 (Revised June 19, 2024)

Our New Charity!

Please meet our new charity who will benefit from the LSCC cookoff – the Pink Warrior Advocates. The mission of the Pink Warrior Advocates is so powerful – “Empowering those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer while advocating for their emotional and financial wellness.” Donations to Pink Warrior Advocates are kept local, funding the following counties: Comal, Guadalupe, Bexar, Travis, Hays, Bastrop, Caldwell,  Medina, Wilson, Bandera, Kerrville, Kendall, Blanco, Gillespie, Llano, Burnett, Williamson, Lee, Gonzeles. Let’s all become Warriors and make this year one of the BEST year possible.

Jr Miss Chili – Entry Fees *** ADDED APRIL 15 ***

Exciting news! For this year, the Jr Miss Chili entries fees are all SPONSORED by Petroleum College International – so there will be no entry fees for a Jr Miss to cook at this years competition. We look forward to seeing these “future” Queens in action!


This year we have had 3 items donated to participate in a raffle. Raffle tickets are $25.00 for a single entry. Raffle tickets can be purchased starting now and up to the raffle drawing on October 5th. Raffle Tickets can be purchased (either via email or in-person) from Mona Schlieper (monaschlieper@yahoo.com), Deba Center (bcenterster@gmail.com), Gene Moffett (bprophet@gmail.com) and Bobbi Furst (bobbi.furst@astound.com). Information for the items in the raffle can be found on the Raffle for 2025 LSCC Cookoff tab.


LSCC has invited 10 vendors to come and sell their products during the LSCC cookoff. Vendors will be located around the Pavillon and will start to set up around 3pm on Friday, October 4th. Most vendors will only be present on Friday and Saturday. Please come and help make this successful for these vendors by purchasing products from them.

Goodie Bags

This year Goodie Bags will only be given out to LSCC cooks who PRE-REGISTER. To pre-register, you will need to complete and submit the LSCC Pre-Registration page and ensure payment is received no later than 10 August. If you have not done both by 10 August, you are not going to be pre-registered and you will need to register during “in person” registration. There will be no “extra” goodie bags to be given out during “in person” registration. If you want to ensure you have a goodie bag you need to pre-register.

T-Shirt – Who Will Receive T-Shirts and the T-Shirt Cut and SIzes

Who will receive T-Shirts?

Participants who have PRE-REGISTERED will receive a T-Shirt in the size they specified on the pre-registration form. To pre-register, you will need to complete and submit the LSCC Pre-Registration page and ensure payment is received no later than 10 August. If you have not done both- you will NOT be considered pre-registered.

This year we will be ordering a LIMITED number and sizes of T-Shirts above those who have PRE-REGISTERED. The limited number of T-Shirts above those that pre-registered are going to be available on a first come, first served basis during in-person registration. The sizes on these additional T-Shirts will also be very limited, there will be no additional small size ordered. If you want to ensure you have T-shirt, you must by pre-register.

T-Shirt Cut and Sizes

This years LSCC T-Shirts will be a LADIES cut and size. Please pay attention during pre-registration and select the appropriate size for a ladies cut and size. Here are the differences in the ladies cut verses men’s cut:

Opposite to the curved seam found on women’s shirts, men’s cut has a straight seam from the underarm to the hem. Men’s cut apparel is also designed with wider shoulders and loose-fitting sleeves. If the garment is short-sleeved, the sleeve length falls around mid-arm, close to the elbow. Ladies cut apparel will have narrower shoulders, closer fitting sleeves and will be a curved seam (curved in) from the shoulder to the waist.

If Men’s size t-shirts are close to fitting your shoulder width, the width of your arms, bust, waist or hips – you need to go up a t-shirt size for the Ladies cut T-Shirts.


Friday night (October 4th), will be our first annual BINGO nite. We will play 10 rounds of BINGO (If “round” is not the right terminology to use – I’m blaming Wikipedia). The purchase of one card is good for all 10 rounds. A single card can be purchased for $25.00 or two cards for $40.00.

What to bring for the LSCC dinner on Friday (October 4, 2024)

Cooks only need to bring DESSERT for the LSCC dinner on Friday. The rest of the meal is being provided. Bring your best dessert for everyone to enjoy!

Awards for Competitions on Friday

Usually the awards for Beans and Margaritas are awarded Friday night. This year, all awards will be presented on Saturday, October 5th starting at 6 pm. After turn in on Friday, please make sure you put your tickets in a safe place for the awards on Saturday.

JACC Showmanship

This year on Sunday, October 6, there will be NO SHOWMANSHIP contest.

Entry Fee prices

Most entry fees to participate in LSCC has increased this year by $5.00. This is the first time LSCC has increased any of the entry fees in a very, very long time. We hope everyone understands this price increase.